I’ve closed my Move ring on my Apple Watch for the 1,000th time today.

I’m a bit torn between the quantified self and unquantifying myself. I’ve definitely noticed both good and bad sides of the Watch’s activity tracking: It makes me more inclined to go for a short walk in the evening if I haven’t closed my goal yet, however, I also catch myself postponing certain activities to the next day if I’ve already closed my goal for today.

It’s also frustrating to see your rings barely having moved after an active day of sports where you prefer not to wear a watch or where tracking isn’t really accurate. It leaves you in this weird conundrum of “If you go for a run and forget to track it, did you really run?”

Activity also doesn’t give you much leeway in terms of your goals and streaks. If you’re sick for a day, you might lose out on your perfect month. I really like Activity++’s approach where you’re allowed one rest day after having reached your goal for six consecutive days. With never-ending streaks and “Perfect Month” awards, Activity’s system makes you bound to fail at some point.

I guess the benefits still outweigh the negatives, though.