Inspired by Stefan Zweifel’s article, I thought the end of the year might be a good time to take a look at my current podcast subscriptions. Without further ado:

I remember coming across some Hacker News comment linking to episode 25 because of John Siracusa’s rant on Minecraft mods. I’ve been listening ever since.

Rocket Beans TV’s talk show format in audio form. The episodes obviously heavily depend on the guests and topic at hand but it’s almost always an entertaining hour.

Looking at my recent blog posts, it should come to no surprise that there’s got to be at least one show about productivity. Cortex is that.

Incredibly intriguing stories in a very professionally produced format.

There haven’t been many episodes but the ones so far were interesting and well-produced. For my taste, political shows don’t need to be high-frequency anyway.

I can’t pinpoint when I’ve started listening but I vividly remember the mobileMacs era. Recent episodes (which there haven’t been too many of in 2020) have been hit-or-miss for me, however, the better ones are still worth staying subscribed.

More an honorable mention as no episode was published this year. To be fair, there has only been a total of 27 episodes in its run since 2013 anyway. Still, I’m hoping for one sporadic episode in 2021.

Probably the biggest outlier in this list. Whereas most of my other subscriptions are either tech-related (like ATP) or quite specialized (like Rechtsbelehrung), this one is simply German entertainment without much structure.

While vaguely related to technology, Rechtsbelehrung is my excursion into the interesting area of law.